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April 08, 2015

"Just did my first drone flight last Saturday."

I always loved photography, had lots of cameras, digitized truckloads of our family photos to have everything indexed and manageable in our digital family world. I also took sometimes special ways to get the shot I wanted to get with cameras from all kinds of Canon to GoPro and iPhones but never got to risking my life for a hard to get point-of-view. But now...

Unboxed the drone, read the book and safety instructions, got out on Saturday night and did my first flight, an awesome experience. Nothing like any fancy flying toy I ever tried. Easy to fly, you can leave the remote and leave it there, it just floats in the air, stable, so stable it is very impressive to see live. Goes where you'd like it to go, and delivers a live video feed of what it sees, creating for you an entire new viewpoint to your everyday world, easy to grab FullHD video or 14 Mpx from the sky while you stay safe and sound on the ground.

With its GPS integration, the drone knows about airports and stadiums which are set as "no-fly-zones" so even if you'd like to fly it there by accident it would not and would simply drop down as it approaches the no-fly-zone. Have not tested all the possibilities yet and it may still have caveats but the technology is there, highly usable by anyone and truly raises the bar on the digital photography experience.

GPS, smartphone, digital photography, robotics, wifi... you name it, this drone was purchased online, is packed with technologies so tightly integrated they kind of disappear to create the magical feel new technologies have when we discover them.

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