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The Innovations and Challenges of Today’s Health Care System Interview with our CEO, Michel Nadeau

July 06, 2017

Tactio Health CEO Michel Nadeau recently gave an interview to the Mediaplanet USA’s about Future of Health Care challenges and innovations. Michel Nadeau was united with likeminded industry leaders to highlight the biggest innovations and issues our health care system will face in the coming years.  Read the interview below !


What is the biggest obstacle facing the health care industry today?
In addition to an aging population and rising cost conundrum, health care is a competitive market with customers increasingly demanding digital, mobile and connected services. These customers are shopping and banking online, yet are still forced to fill, over and over, the same paper forms in a waiting room. There are lots of parallel to make with banking, which, like health care, started by digitizing on the professional side, but then introduced ATMs, web portals and now mobile apps. The gain in efficiency eventually led to tremendous digital marketing opportunities.

How do we overcome this obstacle?
Digitization has brought a boon in productivity for every industry embracing it. Electronic health records were a great step in terms of professional workflow efficiency and an enabler for other technologies like e-prescribing and lab ordering. Now that the clinical e-infrastructure is in place, it’s time to double down and digitize the patient experience. And that includes the provision of a comprehensive and reliable retail offering in health care Internet of things, which today is still too “geeky” and not geared towards the patient.

What health care advancement are you most excited about?  
New, bipartisan legislation promoting patient-centered care with telehealth and quality-based reimbursements mechanisms. The fact that patients become partners of their own care certainly constitutes a big challenge, but telehealth gives the opportunity not only to provide better care but also to increase and document patient accountability. We’re also excited to notice in our own projects an increase in the clinical workload of a key (yet underappreciated) service provider: the pharmacist.

Michel Nadeau - CEO, Tactio Health Group

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